Low back pain treatment spine.

Effective the treatment will be, if agreed with the specialist because self-chosen therapy in the home it is often not so much useless, how many are dangerous to health, as it causes the aggravation of the disease. Conservative therapy pathology includes the following components:

  • medicines;
  • therapeutic exercises;
  • diet.

In addition to these methods, the patient is recommended during periods of exacerbation to stay in bed. If this is not achievable, doctors advise at least to reduce physical activity to a minimum and change the mattress on the hard. To relieve pain and facilitate the patient's state may appoint experts and other procedures:

  • massage;
  • methods of manual therapy;
  • physical therapy;
  • applique ozokerite;
  • the MLS laser.


Develop complications of degenerative disc disease of the cervical is a violation of blood circulation, resulting in the brain is lacking oxygen. As a result of the disease, a person has migraines, increased blood pressure, develops vascularium vegetative dystonia, suffering heart and respiratory system. In advanced cases the spinal cord is pinched, resulting in death.

Therapy involves the intake of anti-inflammatory drugs that reduce pain that occurs when the roots of the syndrome (nerve entrapment). In addition, the doctor prescribes the intake of vitamins, drugs, stimulating blood flow, muscle relaxants and chondroprotectors. The latter contribute to the restoration of the cartilage in the area of the damaged vertebrae.

The treatment of the spine, also, includes physiotherapy. These include:

  • electrophoresis (when exposed to electric current of the active substances of drugs are delivered in the right place);
  • ultrasound (has analgesic, anti-inflammatory effect);
  • laser therapy (using a special device improves blood flow, eliminates inflammation);
  • magnetic therapy (relieves swelling).
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When the doctor confirms the diagnosis, it is treatment program. Complex therapy allows to achieve fast, effective recovery and includes nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory and other drugs, the method of the blockade, the use of ointments and other local remedies, the implementation of therapeutic exercises, the passage of physio treatments. Apply the following techniques:

  • vacuum therapy;
  • laser therapy;
  • acupuncture;
  • magnetica punctura;
  • pharmaco punctura;
  • dry traction.

How to treat low back pain

Exercitia domi

Therapy of the spine is aimed at relieving pain in acute period of the disease, improve blood circulation, recovery or stop the destruction of bone tissue. If the patient underwent a course of medical therapy prescribed by a doctor, pain relief in the long term. Otherwise, if you ignore the problem, relapse is inevitable. In addition, the probability of progression of disease.

Exercises at home

In addition to medication, the important role played by physical culture, that the systematic holding of shows excellent results. Exercises for cervical at home to strengthen the muscles of the back, which reduces the load exerted on the spine. In addition, exercise stimulates blood circulation in the arteries and improve the flexibility of ligaments, muscles. What exercises you can perform at home:

  1. Place the tips of the fingers on the forehead facing each other. Easily press them on the head for 30 seconds. Try to resist the movement back, straining the neck.
  2. Sit on a flat surface, straighten your back, slowly tilt your head back while supporting the head and chin with your hands. Easily apply any pressure on the chin, turning his head left, right, down, up. Repeat the steps less than a minute.
  3. The shoulders should be raised, trying to reach out to their earlobes. After slowly lower them to the usual place. Repeat this exercise 15 seconds after hands RUB his neck.

Drug therapies

After diagnosis followed by therapy, which can be either operative or conservative, depending on the severity of the disease, individual contraindications and other factors. Drug therapy in most cases, more acceptable than surgical intervention. Additional elements of treatment that accelerate the recovery process, are physiotherapy treatments, chiropractic techniques, diet. However, if without the latter treatment can be carried out, without drugs therapy is not possible.


Usually, doctors suggest to drink drugs during exacerbations of the disease. Pills help get rid of pain, which develops due to compression of the spinal nerves and vertebral arteries. The doctor on the basis of the results of the diagnosis assigns a set of drugs, each of which has a specific action:

Manual justo
  1. Against inflammation. Using non-steroidal means of fast pain relief, inhibits inflammation, relieves swelling.
  2. Sedatives. Necessary to prevent neuroticism, which may develop due to severe pain. Appointed herbal drugs like herbal teas, tinctures of motherwort, etc.
  3. The muscle relaxants. Are used together with diuretics. With their help, the Hyper tonus of the muscles and the swelling reduced.
  4. Vitamins are Mandatory in the treatment of osteoarthritis of any location. They help to restore damaged nervous tissue. It is recommended to take multi vitamins daily for 3 weeks.
  5. Chondroprotectors. Tools that help to restore cartilage.
  6. Drugs, improves blood rheology. Stimulate the food is a pinched nerve roots and improve blood flow to the brain, making stops dizziness and headaches.


An important component of the comprehensive treatment of cervical degenerative disc disease is the use of local funds. Daily rubbed into the affected area of the spine (where the pain is felt). The most effective ointments:

  1. Anti-inflammatory. The main component of such means is a non – steroidal substance. The ointment is applied several times a day until complete disappearance of pain syndrome.
  2. Warming means. Contain bioactive components, which are irritating. Such ointment can be made on the basis of bee or snake venom, menthol. A consequence of the treatment will be improving blood circulation, reducing swelling.
  3. Drugs with a conductive effect. Tools help to deliver other drugs deep into the tissue, so doctors prescribe their use in the form of dry patches or appliqués.


The disease can manifest itself in different ways: weakness, drowsiness, blurred vision, loss of coordination. However, the main symptom of osteoarthritis is pain in the area of localization of the pathology. The doctor that confirmed the diagnosis, and prescribes painkillers.

Before the procedure the technician prepares the patient, conducting a light stroking of the back (first in the zone of the blades, and then closer to the shoulder girdle and neck). This movement replaced the shaking that last a few minutes, then begins the massage.

Manual therapy

Effective method of treatment is manual therapy. It, besides, it should be used to prevent the development of complications. The technique is similar to massage, but has significant differences: by latest achieve toning muscular tissue and manual therapy has an effect not only on muscles, but bones.

Constringi ius

Manual therapy involves the direct impact of a physician on the affected vertebrae. Since the disease leads to disruption of the mobility and flexibility of the spine, causing patients experience severe pain, then this treatment is essential (it helps remove the negative effects of the disease). After a few sessions of manual therapy improves vascular permeability, inflammation disappears, cramps, swelling.


To quickly alleviate the patient's condition, apply painkillers. With their help, the product instantly delivered to the right place, so that in minimum time the relief of pain. Blockade of osteochondrosis of the cervical, in contrast to the medical treatment of the symptoms, provides an operational effect. Active substances get into the blood and quickly delivered to the damaged nerve endings.

Folk remedies

Non-traditional methods of treatment of the disease can be used in addition to the basic. As a rule, the treatment takes a long period of time is carried out using local and internal resources. These include lotions, compresses, decoctions of herbs, etc. the Most effective folk remedies:

  1. Ointment with honey. You need to mix 200 ml of bee product with ½ Cup of vodka and 300 ml of radish juice. Thoroughly mix components, RUB the mixture into the affected area of the spine twice a day.
  2. Grate the egg and vinegar. Combine 1 tbsp rye flour with a raw egg, 100 g butter and 1 tbsp vinegar, after you RUB it in the back area where the most pain is felt. The procedure is repeated 2 times each day until symptoms disappear.
  3. Compress of broth. The floor pour a liter of vodka and 1 tbsp. of lilac flowers, infuse liquid for 10 days, then strain and press soaked in tincture handkerchief to the affected area of the spine. Find out more information about what is osteochondrosis of the cervical spine.

Price therapy

An important step of getting rid of degenerative disc disease and subsequent recovery is the Spa sanatorium treatment. In the specialized agencies apply a complex of measures to combat diseases of the spine, however, such therapy is prescribed after etiotropic and pathogenetic treatment (when the doctor determines the cause and symptoms of disease). The purpose of the Spa vacation is the result of consolidation and rehabilitation after an operation or elimination of exacerbation.