The best treatment of osteoarthritis

It all starts with reducing the amount of joint fluid, against which develops pain and decreased mobility of the joint. Initially, the pain occurs only during intensive physical loads and disappears after little rest. Repeated loads lead to the return of pain. To all the above described symptoms are also added night pain that can develop in the beginning of the disease or appear later. Along with this, there is inflammation of the joint and its surrounding tissues, it is swollen and engorged with fluid. Such inflammatory processes are rather slow and typically cause changes in the tissues of the joints. Because of this, the immune system often begins to attack the unknown, newly formed tissue of the joint and then the disease moves into the category of autoimmune arthritis. All this is accompanied by severe swelling of the joint and chronic pain. The chronic form of the disease has a periodic nature, so patients have a pain syndrome, not continuously, but only at a certain time.


Very often, modern medicine is helpless in the treatment of osteoarthritis. What to do in such cases? Of course, we have to communicate to traditional medicine, to old and tested folk remedies treatment of this disease. The disease was known many hundreds of years ago, so for all this time has accumulated a sufficient number of different methods and treatments that will be discussed. Of course, to list all the ways we fail, therefore, will be described below, the most effective and easy methods of treatment of this disease:

  • It has long been in the treatment of osteoarthritis used ordinary chestnuts. They were purified from the skin and grind in a meat grinder, then added a small amount of alcohol or vodka, stirred and laid the contents on the three fold gauze, which was subsequently applied to the affected area of the body. On gauze is recommended to impose a package of cellophane, warm woolen bandage and tighten all elastic bandage. Are these packs you need for the night, until, until the condition dramatically improves.
  • If you want to stop the progression of the disease, relieve pain and improve the mobility of the articular cartilage, then this will be perfect ointment of Heather. For its preparation used common field and Heath interior pork fat. The grass is pulverized in a meat grinder and add to it interior pork fat, maintaining the proportion of one to one. The resulting mixture was thoroughly kneaded and leave in a warm place for twenty-four hours. After that ready with the ointment every night it is recommended to make compresses to the onset of improvements.
  • About the third stage of the disease the affected cartilage is erased, to recover it you need to take an ordinary gelatin. To prepare this remedy in a glass, half filled with water, poured half a small spoon of gelatin. The mixture is left overnight and in the morning in a glass of boiled water topped up to the top, the contents mixed and drunk at once. The duration of treatment is twelve days, after which it is recommended to do a seven-day break and produce several repetitions of the course.
  • A very useful therapeutic massages of the affected joints, supplemented by a poultice of clay. The clay can be used almost any (brown, white, yellow and green). To it is recommended to add equal amounts of sour milk or whey.
  • No less effective based ointment camphor. For its preparation it is necessary to stir a few tablespoons of camphor in the floor of liter of vodka, then add to the mixture about one hundred grams of the dry whip an egg yolk and a couple tablespoons of dry mustard. All this is thoroughly mixed to a uniform consistency and left for a week to infuse. The finished ointment should be used daily before bedtime.
  • It is helpful to soak the affected joints in a solution of the Jerusalem artichoke. To do this in a large trough or basin filled with ten liters of boiling water and added about half a kilogram of stems and leaves of Jerusalem artichoke. After cooling the water it is dipped the affected part of the body for half an hour. Repeat the procedure until full recovery.
  • ut custodias, et a corporis particulari regimen
  • To get rid of arthrosis will help tincture of comfrey and compresses on the basis of flower aloe. To prepare the infusion you mix in one hundred grams of comfrey root with a liter of vodka. Definitely need to give the tincture to brew for not less than fourteen days, after which you can take it three times a day, fifteen drops. In order to prepare the ointment under the wraps need to mix seven hundred and fifty millimeters of vodka, half a liter of honey and two hundred and fifty millimeters of fresh aloe juice. The finished tool is recommended to lubricate the affected area of the body before bed for two weeks.
  • Grinder need to twist three lemons, a quarter of a kilogram of celery and ten large heads of garlic. To the mixture add two hundred millimeters of natural honey and all carefully mix. The drug is ready to put in a jar and pour the brim with boiling water, wrap up in a blanket and leave for the whole day. To take this product thirty minutes before meals, daily, at seventy grams. It is recommended to use three banks with a drug. Thus, the course of treatment will be approximately three to four months.
Useful tips

In chronic osteoarthritis of knee joints need to maintain a certain physical regime. It is very important to alternate between low physical activity with rest. Throughout the whole day, the stress on the knee joint should be moderate so the next day, not to provoke pain. It is very important to curb their needs and day-to-day roughly the same amount of work and not exceed it, then the pain syndrome retreat. Mandatory for chronic forms of the disease need to replace the ordinary insoles in shoes with orthotics. And most importantly, to adjust their menu, eliminating useless high-calorie foods, focus on fruits, seafood, vegetables and olive oil.