Thoracic degenerative disc disease: symptoms, causes, treatment

Thoracic osteochondrosis – a disease in which degenerative changes in the spine develop in the thoracic spine. The most common type of low back pain – neck shape, the breast is not as common. However, it is quite dangerous to the health shape, on the background of osteochondrosis of the thoracic may begin to develop many complications.

With the development of degenerative disc disease of the thoracic symptoms do not appear immediately. The thoracic spine is less movable compared to cervical or lower back, so severe manifestations of the disease become visible solely in the later stages. In General, the breast form is not common, since the spine is the least prone to injury and various diseases.

At the same degenerative processes that occur in osteochondrosis, is quite extensive. They affect cartilage and connective tissue, muscle, which leads to many complications and other diseases. The thoracic form of the disease can be extremely harmful to health without proper treatment. In some cases, the breast form blends with the neck, with several forms of degenerative disc disease from the disease can be especially hard.

Treatment of thoracic osteochondrosis usually must be integrated, often the patient has to change most habits and lead a more healthy lifestyle. To fully restore function of the spine due to osteochondrosis is almost impossible, however, when properly selected treatment can completely eliminate pain syndrome and neurological disorders.

It is worth remembering that the spine disease harmful to the whole body in General. If left without treatment, you may experience many other severe diseases.



This disease of the spine never develops itself, there are several causes of osteoarthritis that may be present simultaneously and influence each other. The factors leading to the development of diseases of the spine include:

  1. A sedentary way of life. Lack of suitable physical activity leads to weakness of back muscles and spine. A wrong organization of the workplace in sedentary work – an additional factor, awkward, anatomically incorrect posture contributes to the development of osteoarthritis.
  2. Various injuries, improper lifting weights. Excessive and inappropriate physical activity can also lead to disturbances in the functioning of the spine. In this case, intervertebral discs and muscles can not cope with the load.
  3. Curvature and other already acquired diseases of the spine. On the background of other pathologies that breaks the spine, the likelihood of development of degenerative disc disease above. Especially when not following the doctor's recommendations.
  4. Lack of essential vitamins and minerals. With a lack of calcium and other necessary for the normal functioning and formation of bone tissue, bones become more fragile, increasing the likelihood of diseases of musculoskeletal system.
  5. Pregnancy. The nurturing of the child combines basic factors: during pregnancy the load on the spine increases, it often happens that pregnant women lack of essential vitamins and minerals.
In morbo thoracis forma potest esse admodum periculosa, pro salute
Important! The role played by the hereditary factor. If the family is present in people with low back pain, the probability of development above, it should be with special attention to their condition and prevention.

Symptoms and signs

Often cervical-thoracic osteochondrosis is difficult to diagnose because in the initial stages of disease symptoms are practically absent, and neurologic and autonomic signs that occur later, not immediately associated with disease of the spine.

Usually, irregularities in functioning of the spine occur in the following instances:

  1. Pain in osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine is localized in the area of the chest. The nature of it can be acute, squeezing, a feeling of shortness of breath, cough, and shortness of breath. In the blades may experience a dull ache. Pain syndrome is usually worst after exercise and stay in an uncomfortable position.
  2. A feeling of numbness in the hands and feet, shoulders, neck. Extremities can freeze for no apparent reason due to circulatory disorders.
  3. Signa et Symptomata
  4. The headaches and the dizziness. They arise due to the compression of nerve endings and blood vessels, the displacement of the affected intervertebral discs in osteochondrosis with radicular syndrome. There is often unexplained fatigue, you may feel lack of oxygen. Headaches and other autonomic symptoms increase after staying in an uncomfortable position.
Important! It is believed that the symptoms in women are expressed stronger, especially of vegetative character.


As a complications can begin to develop other pathologies of the spine. Over time, the back disease can lead to various disorders in the cardiovascular system due to the compression of blood vessels in the back. In the advanced form, they can lead to significant impairments of the function of the heart.

Complications include the development vascularium dystonia, complex vegetative symptoms. It also occurs due to the compression of blood vessels and nerve endings, resulting in disturbed nutrition of oxygen to the brain. If the symptoms are severe headaches and dizziness, which may lead to fainting.

Capitis vertigine et

May develop panic attacks, severe sudden bouts of panic and fear accompanied by palpitations and a feeling of suffocation. Panic attacks usually occur on the background of fatigue, mental and physical stress.

Also one of the most unpleasant of possible complications include inter-rib neuralgia. It occurs due to entrapment of nerve roots in the thoracic spine. Between the ribs neuralgia pain feel like pain in various diseases of the heart, they are extremely sharp, it often happens that such patients should immediately call an ambulance with suspected heart disease.

Between the ribs neuralgia is not an independent disease, it usually occurs on the background of different pathologies of the spine, usually degenerative disc disease. Therefore, at the beginning of primary treatment her symptoms will begin to disappear along with vegetative symptoms and pain.


Diagnosis of the disease can be difficult because of the non-obviousness of the main symptoms. So if you suspect that osteochondrosis you should always consult an orthopedic surgeon. After the external examination must pass the examination, which will help to determine the exact cause of the pain and other disorders.

To determine thoracic osteochondrosis is an x-ray of the spine, sometimes you need an MRI or CT scan. May also include an ECG in cases of suspected heart failure. If necessary, depending on the individual characteristics may require other tests. After setting the correct diagnosis appropriate treatment begins.

How to cure breast osteochondrosis

In this disease appear irreversible changes completely recover after which is almost impossible. However, when properly selected treatment you can get rid of the main symptoms and pain, the disease will go into remission and will not deteriorate.

Therapy of osteoarthritis should be comprehensive, it aims to fight the symptoms and prevent further degenerative changes in intervertebral discs. Usually allowed the treatment at home after the appointment of all necessary means. Surgical intervention is rarely required, it may be required in the development of a hernia or other dangerous complications.

x-rayed spina, aliquando vos postulo an MRI CT scan aut

Usually used for the treatment of the following tools and methods. Any technique or drug should speak with a physician before using self osteochondrosis can hurt.

Drug therapies

Usually osteochondrosis is used anti-inflammatory painkillers. In the case that analgesic tablets do not help, use a blockade, usually on the basis of novocaine. When developed vegetative symptoms may be prescribed medications, improves brain blood circulation.

  1. Physiotherapy. There are many physiotherapeutic and reflex therapeutic procedures helps to relieve pain and muscle tension. The most common in this disease magnetic therapy, laser therapy, acupuncture and other methods. After a few full procedures will be noticeable positive results.
  2. Massage. Massage and other manual techniques help to remove muscle tension, relieve pain. In some cases, for example a simple self-massage of cervical-collar zone, however, recommend treatments from qualified professionals. Often carried out segmental and acupressure, these techniques require specially trained physician.
  3. LFK. Physical therapy, exercises at home or under the supervision of a specialist is also important for recovery. Specialized exercises will help restore mobility to the spine and to strengthen the muscular frame.

These are the main methods of treatment of degenerative disc disease, each has its contraindications, so be sure to need expert advice. Also recommend a light diet, food should be light enough so as not to provoke digestive disorders. You should add in the diet of more fresh fruits and vegetables, and if you want to begin taking vitamin-mineral complexes.

What to do during exacerbation of osteochondrosis?

The disease is usually triggered by excessive physical loads, work in awkward position. When aggravation increases pain, dizziness occurs, acute neuralgia. To get rid of these symptoms, you first rest, to ease the pain and relieve stress will help light exercises and healthy sleep.

If the pain is too strong, you can take painkillers prescribed by your doctor. Usually fit tablets based on ibuprofen or ibuprofen, their effect usually occurs within a few hours after ingestion.

Medicamento therapies

Folk remedies

With the help of folk remedies is impossible to completely get rid of the disease, but you can try to remove the major symptoms. As the local media, helping to remove the pain, we can recommend a poultice from raw potatoes with honey. Potatoes should be grated on a grater, mix with honey and apply on the affected area, on top of covering the film. Keep a few hours, then rinse.

When severe weakness and development vascularium dystonia is recommended to drink infusions of herbs with a calming effect, strengthening the body. Most of all for the preparation of extracts suitable chamomile, sage, mint, Melissa, cranberries.

By combining appropriate and conservative folk remedies symptoms of osteoarthritis will quickly pass, the disease will go into remission. The main thing – to follow all the advice of the attending physician.