Causes of arthritis joints

To identify the causes of joint arthrosis, and to prevent its complications is an important task for the proper treatment.

Of great importance in the formation of pathology is lifestyle of the person, his professional activity, genetic predisposition. 3.4 each case is revealed osteoarthritis of the joints leads to disability of patients. Therefore it is so important to seek the advice and treatments at the first signs of the disease.

The causes of osteoarthritis and risk factors

A distinctive feature of the mechanism of occurrence of arthrosis, degenerative processes in the joint cartilage, but not inflammation. It may join later, in the form of secondary complications. Experts emphasize, arthrosis – a disease accompanied by destruction of bone and cartilage tissues, and damage to the casing joint, it is a violation to produce synovial fluid.

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The main causes of arthrosis:

  • the injury received by the patient during his life;
  • congenital anomalies of the joint – different dysplasia;
  • inflammatory pathology.

A thorough history helps the experts to establish the true cause of degenerative lesions of the cartilage.

Predisposing factors:

  • negative genetic predisposition;
  • excess body weight;
  • various metabolic disorders;
  • endocrine pathology;
  • age;
  • excessive physical overload;
  • ecology.

The combination of the above reasons and factors can become the starting point for the formation of arthrosis.

The primary form of the disease

If to establish the cause of osteoarthritis is not managed, the experts are talking about the primary form of the disease, idiopathic cause.

As a rule, in this case, the degenerative modifications are defined in both symmetric joints. Age of patients ranges from 45 – 65 years. Most often affects the pelvis or the femur of the knee joint, because the load on them, due to the physiological characteristics of the human body, the biggest.


If the parents or immediate blood relatives were diagnosed with arthritis, it is recommended to conduct regular medical examinations, with the inclusion of x-rays of the major joints to exclude primary lesions of the joints idiopathic nature.

The secondary form of the disease

Most of the patients after the diagnostic procedures to determine causes of osteoarthritis can. They can be:

  • Various inflammatory processes in bone or cartilage tissue – disorders of immunity: autoimmune mechanism of the disease. For example, in rheumatoid arthritis, lupus erythematosus. Somewhat less inflammatory damage triggered by infectious agents, for example, Staphylococcus. In this case there is pus in the lesion in the joint.
  • Up to 65-75% of cases the reasons for the formation of osteoarthritis have on injury. Damage can be the most simple, and people are not paying attention to him – a fall, sprain. However, adequate nutrition of the cartilaginous tissue is disrupted, the local blood flow decreases, which is the trigger of the disease.
  • Congenital anomalies joint and ligament structures of the joint – dysplasia — also leads to the inhibition of its full activity. They contribute to the emergence of various dislocations of bones, which often provokes the accession of other pathological processes. Against this background and develops osteoarthritis.

Clearly distinguish between primary and secondary forms of pathology is quite difficult due to the parallel occurrence of degenerative alterations in the joint. The patient concerned about the limited mobility and pain in the affected area.

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Risk groups

The incidence of certain types of osteoarthritis is higher among the fair part of the population, but men can suffer. Experts identified certain risk groups, including the presence of negative factors:

  • the specificity of professional employment, for example, porters;
  • obesity;
  • negative genetic predisposition;
  • elderly patients;
  • racial and ethnic parameters;
  • gender identity.

There is great importance in professions where there is intense physical labour as daily microtrauma lead to rapid wear and tear of hyaline cartilage in the joint. About the negative role of obesity has been stated repeatedly by various specialists correction weight has a beneficial effect on the course of the disease.

A special category of patients – the elderly. Medical statistics prove that among people 65 to 75 years the highest percentage of patients with osteoarthritis.

It has the value of the hormonal imbalance that occurs in people in old age. The lack of estrogen affects bone density, causing osteoporosis, with subsequent osteoarthritis.


The availability of medical care – the most important external risk factor of osteoarthritis. Even in quite large cities, the provision of modern equipment and highly qualified specialists. The shortage of experienced professionals and huge queues alienate the population from medical institutions, thereby exacerbating the incidence of the patient is drawn into 2-3 stages of degenerative changes in the joints.

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Despite the fact that osteoarthritis can form because of many reasons and negative factors, the human desire for a healthy lifestyle positively affects his body. For people leading an active life, health-conscious, eating right and doing sports, osteoarthritis occurs much less often and runs much easier.