Characteristic and important features of osteoarthritis of the knee 2nd degree

The knee joint arthrosis (or osteoarthritis) – a disease of degenerative nature that affects (dissolved) cartilage and bone tissue of the articular structures. There are 3 degrees of severity of disease, but most often, patients seek medical help for gonarthrosis 2nd degree. Sometimes only from the second stage of the disease patients are serious about their condition and begin treatment, the early symptoms are often ignored.

In the first stage of osteoarthritis changes in the cartilage expressed slightly and are often reversible. 2 the stage of the disease there is a significant destruction of cartilage, decrease the amount of synovial fluid, the formation of a large number of osteophytes (bone growths). The x-rays revealed marked narrowing of articular fissure, disruption to the structure of the joint, seal bone.

osteoarthritis of the knee

The reasons for the development of gonarthrosis

Knee osteoarthritis occurs mainly due to mechanical damage of the articular structures, violations of metabolic processes and blood circulation in cartilage, obesity.

The main reasons for the progression of the disease and its transition in the second degree – ignoring the initial symptoms and the lack of timely treatment, the continued impact of negative factors (injuries, circulatory disorders, etc.).

Characteristic symptoms

The above (in the introduction) pathological changes in osteoarthritis of the knee 2nd degree cause painful sensations appear not only in motion, but also during rest or sleep. In this situation, patients have rarely put off a visit to the doctor.

The typical symptoms of osteoarthritis of the knee 2nd degree:

  • morning stiffness, not passing a long time, during which it becomes difficult to bend or straighten the leg at the knee;
  • night tingling or pain in the calf muscles;
  • strong aching pain that occurs when the slightest load on the injured leg, for example, at the time of walking up the stairs, and appearing even at rest;
  • edema or swelling in the joint area (these are signs not only of arthritis, but osteoarthritis and acute);
  • the 2nd stage of illness there is a quiet crackle in the knee, which at 3 degrees becomes audible to others;
  • an ache in the affected region with colds.

If the patient ignores the above symptoms, then over time osteoarthritis is transferred to the third stage, in which not only will greatly change the gait, but will need a cane or crutches for walking.


The treatment of osteoarthritis of the 2nd degree has its own peculiarities. At this stage, too late to apply traditional medicine, which is a good help with 1 degree – the emphasis should be on conservative methods. Surgical intervention is rarely used, and on the 3rd stage of gonarthrosis without him is not enough.

knee osteoarthritis treatment


The main goal of drug therapy in stage 2 disease is to reduce pain attack. For this prescribed:

  1. nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs;
  2. various painkillers;
  3. ointments and gels.

The joint Supplement is more effective in the early stages of osteoarthritis of the knee, but at 2 degrees, they also contribute to the regeneration of cartilage tissue, how would the "system" anew articular cartilage. These preparations can contain in its composition of glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate and other ingredients that make up the cartilage. Mostly used drugs in tablets, at least – in the form of intramuscular injections. Sometimes assigned injection joint Supplement with hyaluronic acid (what's this?*) inside the knee joint.

* Hyaluronic acid is a major component of synovial fluid.

Physical therapy and exercise therapy

All patients are encouraged daily to engage in physiotherapy. Instructor in physical therapy will select the individual activity and a complex of simple exercises that will help strengthen the muscles and ligaments.

In the treatment of gonarthrosis apply:

  1. ultraviolet irradiation,
  2. infrared physical therapy,
  3. high-frequency magnetotherapy,
  4. low-intensity UHF-therapy,
  5. ultrasound therapy,
  6. the warm sulphurous baths.

Recommendations for lifestyle

At the first and second stages of the disease, patients should not lift weights for a long time to stand in one place or to walk a lot, to rely on a bad knee in General, to avoid excessive load on the affected leg. Patients with overweight should get rid of the extra pounds.


knee osteoarthritis surgery

Rarely in gonarthrosis 2nd degree there is a need for surgical intervention. If such a need appears during surgical procedures the joint is washed, remove it from the osteophytes (bony growths) and damaged areas of cartilage. This kind of surgery is moderately traumatic, but thanks to her, the knee function recovered in 2-4 years.

If all therapeutic measures taken not be successful, and osteoarthritis progresses (moves to 3 stage) – hip replacement. This is a surgery to replace the deformed knee joint with an artificial prosthesis made of high-tech materials can extend the activity for another 15 years.


Osteoarthritis of the knee 2 amenable to therapy is difficult, however, if you make some effort and to systematically carry out all doctor's orders, to stop the progression of the disease is possible. It is extremely important to listen to the signals your body gives, and the time to seek qualified help from professionals.