Effective methods for the treatment of arthrosis

Osteoarthritis is a severe joint disease that occurs with a progressive degeneration of cartilage, it becomes thinner and breaks down. Subsequently, the process involves the ligaments and bone tissue. Treatment of arthrosis of joints is aimed at halting the progression of the disease, alleviation of pain, prevention of complications and restoration of mobility of the patient's joint.

To treat disease, we need complex and long, with the selection of individual regimens of drugs and non-pharmacological means.

All methods of treatment of osteoarthritis can be divided into 4 groups:

the symptoms of osteoarthritis

unconventional ways of traditional medicine.

  • nemedikamentozhnykh;
  • drug;
  • surgical;

Often patients the question arises: where to treat arthritis? The initial stages are treated in a rheumatology hospital. Patients requiring surgical intervention, hospitalityat in orthopaedic or surgical ward.

Non-pharmacological methods

At the initial stage of the disease the main treatment methods without medication.

  1. A balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle. To prevent progression of the disease patients should strictly adhere to the regime of work and rest, eat healthy food.
  2. Today there are special schools for lighting methods for the treatment of osteoarthritis. Training courses help to adapt the patient to his disease and to deal successfully with it.
  3. Reducing stress on the joints. In the presence of excess body mass must be reduced – this will help to normalize the metabolism and reduce the stress on the joints.
  4. Therapeutic exercise is carried out in non-acute stage, is performed in the supine position or sitting. Very useful swimming and skiing.
  5. Physiotherapy: the impact of heat on the affected area (for example, paraffin baths), laser therapy, ultrasound, electrical nerve stimulation.
  6. The use of different handling devices. If it affects the legs it is recommended to walk with a cane, when a knee is used podpaliny wedges – so it is possible to reduce the load on the joints and therefore reduce the symptoms of the disease.
  7. Massage improves blood circulation and helps to restore joint mobility.
  8. Patients with osteoarthritis are shown SANATORNO-a resort vacation that has a beneficial effect on the state of the joint system and the whole body. Improvement in the sanatorium should take place outside the acute stage of osteoarthritis, after a medical examination, and taking into account its recommendations.
treatment of osteoarthritis


Therapy drugs is the main method of treatment. The choice of drugs for the treatment of osteoarthritis is not so great, all the tools can be divided into two large groups:

  • Symptomatic medications affect manifestations of the disease (pain relievers, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs – NSAIDs, glucocorticosteroid hormones). When applied pain and inflammation disappear in a short time, which improves the quality of life.
  • Chondroprotectors – tools, repair damaged cartilage and metabolic processes due to the activation of blood flow and the stimulation of new cartilage cells.

Symptomatic treatment is intended to correct the main manifestations of the disease and patients are appointed in the first place. Chondroprotectors help to stop the progression of the disease and should be taken a long period of time.

Symptomatic medications

One of the first symptoms of osteoarthritis is pain. To remove it help means that have analgesic and anti-inflammatory action. For quick reduction of pain can be used the local forms of drugs in the form of ointments and gels, but their effect is short-lived.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs help to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. For treatment of joints is preferable to use selective NSAIDs, which act primarily on joint tissues without affecting other organs.

When using NSAIDs it is necessary to remember that you cannot apply more than one NSAID. The drug should be replaced, if no effect of therapy in 2 weeks. The doctor should find the lowest dose of NSAIDs in pill that will reduce pain.

Glucocorticosteroid hormones have a dual effect. On the one hand the hormone protects the cartilage from destruction and reduces the inflammatory process, but on the other, destroys the cartilage tissue with prolonged exposure. Therefore, to treat their osteoarthritis should be strictly under medical supervision. It is often more efficient to use corticosteroids in the form of intra-articular injections, which have fewer side effects.

physical therapy for osteoarthritis


Treatment of osteoarthritis using chondroprotectors involves their long-term permanent admission. The effect of these funds comes delayed between 2 to 8 weeks after starting.

All these drugs have a stimulating effect on cartilage tissue, some of them slightly relieve the pain.

Traditional medicines

In addition to traditional methods the use of traditional medicine can give some positive effect. Apply:

  • Tincture for oral administration with anti-inflammatory action.
  • Local funds in the form of tinctures for rubbing, compresses or ointments are homemade and are able to suppress inflammation and to stimulate regenerative processes in the cartilage.

All the folk methods should be used only under the supervision of the attending physician and in no case can not replace the main conventional treatment.


Operative treatment of osteoarthritis are used in cases where drug therapy does not give the desired effect. There are several types of surgical intervention:

  1. Arthroscopy is a less traumatic method of treatment and diagnosis of diseases of the joints. This method allows through small incisions without opening the joint, using a special fixture to perform the operation and to visually assess the degree of destruction of cartilage. Thanks to arthroscopy reduces the rehabilitation period and time of stay in hospital, reduces the number of complications in the operative and postoperative period.
  2. Arthrodesis is one of the methods of surgical treatment, which creates a stiffening of the articular surfaces. This technique allows you to relieve pain, if you can't use other surgical effects.
  3. Arthroplasty – manipulation for the replacement of articular cartilage is a lining of its own tissues of the patient or from artificial materials. This operation greatly facilitates the condition of patients, because it allows to recover a sufficient volume of movements.
  4. Replace damaged joints is an effective treatment of arthritis, this method allows you to treat a severe degree. With full dentures replace all of the components of the joint. The prosthesis is made of a special metal which is not perceived by the body as foreign, the service life of these transplants average 10 years. After the prosthesis patients fully restore performance.
arthrosis surgery

Developed modern methods of surgical interventions such as transplantation of tissues and cells of cartilage. First and foremost, they aimed at preventing the development of disease and removal of its main manifestations.

Despite the fact that arthritis is considered an incurable disease, early and comprehensive treatment allows you to stop the process of destruction of cartilage and to preserve mobility in joints. A full and accurate compliance with all recommendations of the attending physician helps to avoid disability and significantly improves the quality of life of patients.