The main measures of prevention of degenerative disc disease of the cervical

Prevention of cervical degenerative disc disease is very simple, does not require any special knowledge, skills, and available to all.

Effective preventive measures should be directed against the causes of the disease. In the case of cervical degenerative disc disease is:

  1. sedentary lifestyle;
  2. weight;
  3. posture;
  4. congenital and acquired defects of the spinal column;
  5. injuries and micro-injuries of the spine;
  6. foci of chronic infection in the ENT organs;
  7. prolonged and frequent work in the pose with his head down.

As you can easily and effectively deal with these causes?

1. The fight against physical inactivity

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The most important measure of prevention of cervical degenerative disc disease is to combat a sedentary lifestyle. Trained the muscles of the back and neck forming a strong muscular system, which keeps the torso in the correct position and prevent excessive neck strain.

  • This does not necessarily go to the gym or exhaust yourself with sports. The easiest way is to walk more. Let at first it will be a short walk up to 1 km, as the addiction to stress distance can be increased to 5 km and more.
  • Some people will like Jogging or walking with poles (Nordic walking). By the way, Nordic walking has no contraindications, and the benefits from it are huge – increases muscle tone, reduces stress on the neck and the knee, straightens up the posture, eliminates spasms and blockages in the neck and shoulders. For dieters this kind of half walk burns more calories than regular walking at a moderate pace.
  • Highly effective 20-30 minute dances to the rhythm of music, which increase blood circulation, strengthen muscles, and just uplifting.
  • Very useful swimming. It is most quickly and efficiently unloads the spine from undue stress. People with predisposition to cervical degenerative disc disease more suited backstroke.

All you need to follow the rule of the Golden mean: excessive exercise is as harmful as their absence. Not harmonious muscle contraction, especially during outdoor games – volleyball, basketball, tennis – on the contrary, create conditions for the development of the disease.

2. Normalization of weight

In order to avoid problems in the cervical spine, it is necessary to carefully monitor their weight. Obese people properly distribute the total load on the spinal column, resulting in microtrauma, and intervertebral joints wear out faster. Also overweight causes poor circulation and nutrition in the collar area. In such conditions disrupted production of collagen, intervertebral discs lose their elasticity – in General, there are processes that quickly lead to the development of osteoarthritis.

To avoid these problems, you need a balanced diet, regular physical activity, daily calisthenics. It is crucial to cure all diseases, which are accompanied by hormonal imbalance.

3. Incorrect posture and defects of the vertebral column

The vertebral column moves a huge number of nerve roots that are associated with all organs and systems of the body. When you stoop, curvature of the spine, congenital and acquired orthopedic foot defects (flat feet, subluxation of the hip), the redistribution of the total load: some parts of the spine do not receive the necessary load, while other segments of the spine too overloaded. With such pathologies in the cervical spine places excessive load, which sometimes is not comparable with the physiological capacities of the muscular and ligament apparatus of the neck. The result is spasms, muscle blocks, pain, significant limitation of mobility of the neck, head and shoulder girdle.

It is therefore necessary to always monitor your posture; time pass preventive examinations by a podiatrist and treat diseases that can potentially cause the development of cervical degenerative disc disease. If your doctor has prescribed the wearing of a corset, orthopedic insoles or other accessories – should not be neglected.

To keep the body in correct physiological position it is necessary not only during wakefulness but also during sleep. Should sleep on the bed with a hard or semi hard mattress. The pillow should be low, medium hardness; during sleep, the pillow should support the head and whole neck – my back is not strained and your spine can for night relaxation.

4. Micro injuries of the cervical (lifting weights)

To prevent micro injuries to the cervical it is important to properly lift and carry heavy objects. Women should not lift weight more than 5-6 kg, and men should learn the proper posture when lifting and carrying heavy loads. You should avoid lifting heavy objects while turning the head or raising the hands above the head. When transporting cargo over long distances it should be attached as close as possible to the torso (and not to be at arm's length), the load must be distributed on both hands. By following these simple recommendations will allow you to avoid micro injuries of the spine and congestion in the neck area.

5. Eliminating chronic infections

A very important aspect of prevention is the elimination of foci of chronic infection. Proven a direct relationship between chronic inflammation of the ENT organs (ear, throat, nose) and the progression of osteoarthritis. In this case, the disease is triggered by autoimmune processes, which develop in areas of inflammation. Chronic infection significantly reduce the overall resistance of the organism, impairs blood and lymph circulation, nutrition, soft tissue and ligament apparatus of the neck.

A combination of factors such as the draught (air conditioning), prolonged awkward posture at the computer, hypothermia neck on the background of chronic ENT infections creates almost ideal conditions for the development of cervical degenerative disc disease.

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6. Posture during work

Monotonous work, where you have time to sit or stand with lowered head, causes excessive static neck strain. Being in a constant tone, the muscles not getting enough blood, which in turn causes them to spasm, the difficult food of the cervical joints, is micro trauma to the intervertebral discs. The combination of these disorders brings the development of osteochondrosis.

People who are forced to spend long hours in uncomfortable working posture, is recommended every 20-30 minutes to make small breaks at work. This time you need to spend on kneading the muscles of the neck and shoulder girdle: turns and head tilts, a gentle massage of the neck, rotating shoulders. Should avoid circular movements of the head and should not be abruptly throw it back.

Daily perform such simple exercises is an excellent prevention of cervical degenerative disc disease.

The results

In conclusion, I would like to remind you that osteochondrosis of the cervical spine does not appear immediately but develops gradually over several years (sometimes even decades). And each person can prevent this disease by using preventive measures – they do not take much time, but bring real benefits for the health of your neck.

Note: effectively strengthens the muscles of the back, forming a correct posture and stretches the ligaments of the vertebral column normal "vis" on the bar and pull. During their implementation it is impossible to prevent sudden jerks and bounce movements, which can damage the ligaments in the spine. The bar should be high enough, holding the bar arms extended, feet not touching the ground; the head should be kept straight, without strain.