Ankle osteoarthritis — symptoms and treatment photo

Ankle osteoarthritis – a chronic disease of degenerative type. First thing that undergoes loss is cartilage.

ankle osteoarthritis

Then the painful process proceeds to other parts of the joint: synovium, capsule, ligaments, bones and nearby muscles. Cause of osteoarthritis can be injury, overexertion, improper working of metabolic processes, inflammation, etc.

Most often, the disease begins to appear without any reason. The first symptoms of osteoarthritis is pain with any movement of the joints.

The causes of osteoarthritis of the ankle

Why does osteoarthritis of the ankle joint, and what is it? The ankle joint is a connection between the talus bone of the foot bones of the lower leg. The joint has no mobility and is implementing a tergo and plantar flexion and extension of the foot, and a small lateral movement.

Because of its location, this joint is feeling the effects of the entire mass of the body. This leads to high loads on it and as a consequence may cause its overload, which ultimately results in such disease as osteoarthritis of the ankle joint.

Aggravating factors are:

  • heavy physical exertion;
  • disease, the cause of which is a violation of metabolism in the body (diabetes mellitus, gout, pseudogout, etc.);
  • "transfer by inheritance", it is proved that arthritis can be inherited;
  • injuries, sprains, strains in the joints;
  • arthritis and other inflammatory processes.

Plays an important role and the traumatic nature of the development of arthrosis. After injuries, especially those that were not treated, can develop so-called post-traumatic arthrosis of the ankle joint.


Osteoarthritis of the ankle is of two types:

  1. Primary — in this case, the destruction of cartilage occurs in a healthy joint, for example, under heavy loads on the joints.
  2. Secondary — in this case the process of destruction of cartilage occurs in already changed. For example, after vascular disorders, trauma or intra-articular fracture.

Manifestations of arthrosis of the ankle occurs imperceptibly at first manifested the crunch in the joint, and later slight pain during exercise.

ankle osteoarthritis symptoms

Symptoms of osteoarthritis of the ankle joint

The first signs of osteoarthritis of the ankle most often pass completely unnoticed. Symptoms each person may be different, and the severity of the inflammatory reactions depends on the stage of the disease.

However, symptoms of osteoarthritis of the ankle joint (see photo) can be recognized by a specific clinical picture:

  1. "Start-up" pain. This is one of the early symptoms of osteoarthritis of the ankle joint. The pain appears after long seat while trying to lean on the leg may be accompanied by short-term stiffness in the joint. After making a few steps the pain pass.
  2. Pain, which intensify at loads;
  3. The crunch in joints, clicks, creaking;
  4. Limited mobility or stiffness when moving;
  5. The curvature of the axis of the tibia (it can acquire a X-shaped or O-shaped);
  6. Frequent subluxations;
  7. Atrophy of the muscles that are adjacent to the injured;
  8. Swelling of the joints;
  9. Feet can be hot.

If time does not go to the doctor in the joints of the foot begin a more difficult process. The pain will intensify, and the beginning of the movement will cease to get rid of them. The discomfort becomes persistent in the joints or pronounced stiffness and limited mobility.

In the next stage of development of the disease occurs deformity of the joint. In the most advanced cases, the joint is completely destroyed, which leads to disability.

To assist in accurate diagnosis allows rheovasography, additionally, the ankle x-rayed x-rayed. Blood tests are taken. Usually these clinical studies is to identify the presence of arthrosis or arthritis, and then have chosen the proper treatment.

Treatment of osteoarthritis of the ankle joint

With regard to the question of how to treat ankle osteoarthritis, arthritis of any etiology and localization are treated with the same scheme. Therapy includes the following components:

  • eliminate painful sensations.
  • withdrawal signs of to treat arthrosis of the foot
  • improve blood supply and nutrition of articular tissues.
  • the restoration of motion in the ankle joint.

The method of choice (conservative or surgical) depends on what stage is the development of the pathological process.

ankle osteoarthritis treatment


All therapeutic drugs used for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the ankle joint, are divided into two groups: rapid-acting drugs, and drugs in slow motion.

Representatives of these groups have different influence on the disease and benefit the body. Thus, drugs quick actions only treat the symptoms reduce pain in the ankle joint. The delayed-action drugs inhibit the progression of ankle osteoarthritis, i.e. partially suspend the further course of the disease.

  1. To relieve inflammation and pain syndrome is often only possible by means of special preparations — NSAIDs, taken by mouth.
  2. Chondroprotectors — biologically active substances, which are composed of chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulfate. They make cartilage layer is thick and elastic. Admission for 6 months or more helps to stop progression of the disease and maintains the cartilage in the desired shape.
  3. Well help preparations of hyaluronic acid. They are analogous to the synovial fluid that fills the joint cavity.

Surgical treatment is used when the treatment at home was ineffective, and the patient is no movement in the ankle joint.

The most popular method of surgical treatment is joint replacement or joint replacement implant, made of high-tech materials.

The operation can be carried out if the bone is healthy, and from other systems there are no restrictions to operations.


They are used directly for local treatment in the home, as a rule, contain in their composition the pain killers.

Usually ointment can achieve obvious therapeutic effect, especially when combined with other medications.

Exercises for osteoarthritis

Exercises for osteoarthritis the effective way to develop a joint, to improve nutrition in the tissues, accelerate metabolism. It is important to remember that the chosen instructor exercises should be performed during remitting symptoms. Joint stress is selected taking into account age, stage of the disease.

Well-chosen exercises bring only benefits and not the pain and discomfort. Of other means of physical therapy shortens treatment time laser therapy, massage, magnet therapy.

Physiotherapy and massage

If developed ankle arthritis, an obligatory component of treatment needs to be physiotherapy. Although some doctors are quite skeptical of this type of treatment. However, the application of magnetic therapy, electrophoresis and phonophoresis with corticosteroids, paraffin enhances the effect of medicines and reduces swelling and inflammation in tarso..

However, such treatment should be carried out only in remission (remission) arthritic processes. The effect of the module can be mounted Spa treatment at mud cure resorts.

ankle osteoarthritis prevention


Prevention of osteoarthritis is the simple rules:

  1. To control body weight.
  2. Time to treat and correct disorders of metabolism, endocrine, vascular disease.
  3. You need to stick to a diet, i.e. eating more foods rich in protein, and refrain from salty, spicy, fried, alcohol.
  4. To avoid joint injuries. To do this, try not to wear shoes unstable heel, the sole is too hard, when playing sports to use special means of protection.

The effectiveness of treatment of deforming arthrosis of the ankle joint depends on its stage of development and presence of comorbidities.