Arthritis differs from osteoarthritis: similarities and differences

The difference between arthritis and arthrosis seen already in the name of the disease. So, the suffix "it" in translation from Latin means the inflammatory reaction and the suffix "oz" is an irreversible, devastating condition. The table highlights the main differences diseases:

arthritis and osteoarthritis what is the difference
Sign Arthritis Osteoarthritis
When there is 17-50 years Over the age of 30, often 50 or more
Sex As a rule, women As a rule, women
Part of the joint, originally dolore changes Synovium, joint fluid Cartilage
The risk of disability There There
Treatment Medicines Drugs, surgery

Not time to provide assistance leads to the transfer of arthritis to osteoarthritis, which is worse. Edema that accompanies the inflammatory process causes a disturbance of blood supply, and hence food joint. Gradually develop atrophic and sclerotic changes.

Under the assumption of a disease need specialist advice –astrology. In the absence of the latter will help the therapist will direct you to a competent doctor.

What is the difference osteoarthritis and arthritis, will be considered in more detail.

distinctive features

The difference in the etiology of arthritis

The main common factors of these pathologies:

  1. genetic predisposition,
  2. congenital diseases of the tissues (bone and connective),
  3. the damage to the joint,
  4. immune dysfunction (often with arthritis),
  5. weight,
  6. wrong exercise,
  7. malnutrition,
  8. change of metabolism
  9. frequent hypothermia,
  10. infectious diseases.

The main causes of arthritis

  • An unbalanced diet contributes to immunosuppression (Weak immune response increases the risk of infectious disease, then the inflammatory process involves the synovial fluid, and arthritis).
  • Significant local cooling of the joint (for example, frostbite).
  • Sprains, bruises, fractures.
  • For autoimmune arthritis (such as rheumatoid) from unknown causes, have a value of concomitant infections, and genetic predisposition.

As a rule, the development of the disease stimulates not one factor (for example: fat abusers of Smoking, leading a sedentary lifestyle, after acute respiratory infections, sprained ligaments on the lower limbs).

The primary causes of osteoarthritis

For osteoarthritis unlike arthritis more pronounced relationship-damaging agent, and hereditary or acquired injuries, and metabolic disorders.

Once selected for the primary (non-origin) and the secondary form of the disease (when the source is known). Now, with the development of the diagnosis, with osteoarthritis almost always find the metabolic disturbances and the suspension of cartilage regeneration.

The difference of clinical manifestations

The symptoms of arthritis and osteoarthritis are similar: pain, swelling, stiffness, violation of the contour of the joint. And that's the difference of arthritis and osteoarthritis:

similar symptoms
Symptom Arthritis Osteoarthritis
Pain Aching, sharp, not connected with the movement, often in the morning Stupid, increases with movement, often in the evening (However, if arthrosis is accompanied by inflammation, pain effect is noticeable even at rest)
Morning stiffness Observed more than half an hour Yes, no more than an hour
Hyperemia Often Infrequently
Hyperthermia Observed No (maybe inflammation)
Swelling There Very rarely
Crepitus No Present
Deformity of the joint At the final stage Observed
Inactivity Inherent (due to pain) Yes (due to pain and bone growths)

Arthritis differs from osteoarthritis? It contributes to the development of General malaise and fatigue, weight loss. When the expanded clinical even fat people is quickly becoming thin.

Diagnosis of diseases

The difference in detection caused by the unequal course of the disease. Initially, the doctor examines and clarifies the history of infectious diseases and injuries. Determines the degree of severity.

Diagnosis of arthritis involves:

  • The blood amount of uric acid, and rheumatoid arthritis, and complex origin of arthritis – a variety of blood tests for various immune factors.
  • Ultrasound of the joint.
  • X-ray studies.
  • CT.
  • Arthroscopy.

Diagnosis of osteoarthritis allows to distinguish three stages:

  1. The specialist determines the limitation in the area where the bones. To visualize dysfunction doctor asks the patient to perform some movements.
  2. Additionally, there is atrophy of the muscles in the affected area. Radiographically determined bone growth. The doctor figures out the degree of immobility of the bone articulation, the crackles and clicks when changing position.
  3. Directly, and the x-ray image, reveals severe deformation of the joint.

Additionally, you can analyze the synovial fluid. This allows to determine the presence of an inflammatory process. What will be different these nosologic units? Estimating the parameters of blood, should pay attention to the ESR. While osteoarthritis may be a weak jump erythrocyte sedimentation rate (25 mm). This indicator is a complication of the underlying disease synovitis. If the patient has arthritis, the blood test results will be impressive leap ESR (on the order of 40 – 80 mm). The presence of inflammation you might think with the increased number of white blood cells. In addition, with the development of arthritis, in the blood, find the increase in the number of C-reactive protein (measure of inflammation).

Specifics of treatment of diseases

The primary objective in the treatment of arthritis – the elimination of the inflammatory reaction, and with osteoarthritis – cartilage rebuilding. There used analgesics.

If the arthrosis is accompanied by inflammation, first stop the inflammatory process. Apply ointment forms, preformed tools, intra-articular and intramuscular injection of drugs.

Treatment of osteoarthritis is long and complex — in hospital, clinic and sanatorium. Used physiotherapy, massages, physiotherapy. There are orthopedic correction. The ineffectiveness of the above-described conduct surgical procedures – fusion (the rigid clamping of the bone joints in a predetermined position), or arthroplasty (restoring the possibility of joint).

Therapy arthritis also is complex, depending on the severity of the disease. Prescribed physiotherapy and sanatorium resort treatment. The massage here is not recommended, physical therapy is very rare. Of complications (inflammation of periarticular bags, tendon rupture, complex deformation of the joints), with severe pain and lack of effect from drug therapy, a surgery. It is a prosthetic bone joint, complete or partial removal of the joint capsule and arthrodesis.

prevention and treatment


Prevention of disease should pay attention to a healthy lifestyle. A balanced intake of food and systematic exercise will increase the life of the joints, and it is necessary to strengthen the whole health.

At the first signs of osteoarthritis or arthritis is absolutely contraindicated self-treatment. Human actions, habetur that there is no difference where to be treated at home or in hospital, may adversely affect the course of the disease.


In conclusion, we can say that between these two pathologies there is a significant difference. And, considering that similar symptoms occur in many other diseases of the joints (synovitis, tendonitis, etc.) all becomes clear. To correctly diagnose the patient's condition can only by a qualified technician.