Knee osteoarthritis — symptoms and treatment at home

Today we will discuss osteoarthritis of the knee, learn what it is, what are the symptoms of this disease, and describe effective treatments, including in-home.


What are the reasons for developing knee osteoarthritis, and what is it? Every day, our knee joints while walking, maintaining the whole body subjected to physical stress. Cartilage tissue wears out with age, causing changes in the joint. Therefore, elderly people there are arthrosis of the knee.

At risk of the disease gonarthrosis of the people concerned:

  • with overweight;
  • suffering from osteoporosis;
  • with hereditary disorders;
  • elderly;
  • specific professions;
  • with metabolic disorders in the body;
  • with deficiency of micronutrients;
  • injuries to the spine;
  • involved in some sports.

The disease develops gradually, it is very important to seek help from a qualified physician to avoid restricting the movement of the joint and disability in the future.

Osteoarthritis genu


When a knee is observed certain symptoms. Character of pain:

  • discomfort after you Wake up, when you try to stand up after long sitting;
  • knee pain with prolonged stay in a standing position;
  • burning and irritation when climbing stairs;
  • night pain and after physical exertion;
  • weakness in the legs.

The most important symptom, indicating the occurrence of gonarthrosis are pain in the knee joint area. The disease does not occur abruptly, the pain will continue to grow for many months and even years. First, they will disturb the patient only when high load on the legs, and then even at rest.

Osteoarthritis of the knee joint of 1 degree

Osteoarthritis of 1 degree has practically no visible symptoms. For this phase of development is characterized by:

  • fatigue in the legs;
  • a slight decrease in mobility, which is usually observed immediately after sleep.

Pain symptoms if occur are manifested in a minor degree. At this point, osteoarthritis of the knee looks like on the radiograph as small irregularities on the cartilage surface and the bone.

You may experience also slight narrowing between the bones. At this stage, to diagnose the pathology is extremely difficult, so you have to go through x-ray.

Osteoarthritis of the knee 2nd degree

In case of arthrosis of the knee joint 2 degree the symptoms are more pronounced. Pain occur, they have minimal loading or immediately after it. In the affected part of the leg pain is called any movement. After quite a long rest, she usually takes full. However, the next physical action to immediately cause pain.

About the second stage of development of the disease to pain added:

Cartilage is below, ex elitr
  • crunching in the knee joint during movement;
  • reduced ability to properly bend the leg at the knee;
  • change of bones of a joint;
  • progressive synovitis.

Gross osteoarthritis of the crunch of the joints, as a rule, at first barely audible, but with the course of the disease becomes very loud and distinct. When you try to bend the leg at the knee there is a sharp pain. In some cases, make it turns out only to an angle of 90 degrees, and then only with difficulty and through the pain. Also, it becomes apparent that changing the shape of the joint, which is exacerbated by the accumulation in it of pathological fluid.

Osteoarthritis of the knee 3 degrees

Characteristics 3 degree of osteoarthritis become severe pain, is independent of the quantity, intensity of physical activity. Joint worried man even in the night, this brings significant disadvantages.

The mobility of the knee joint is broken and to bend the leg at the knee people are not able. Observed sensitivity to weather changes that affected area is very sensitive.

Radiographs are able to show global changes of the cartilaginous tissue, the joint surfaces, uncharacteristic growths. The o-shaped or x-shaped curvature brings a person to the disability.


The doctor, after hearing the patient's complaints, when viewed in the first place draws attention to the visible changes in the structure of the limbs (the roughness of contours of bones, deformation), and decreased mobility in the joint. About feeling accompanied by pain, when shifting the kneecap is tapped crunch.

The main method of diagnosis of gonarthrosis x – ray examination of a joint (at the first stage, pathology can not be identified). Such images may be a few, to trace dynamics of development of the disease. In addition to x-rays can be assigned an MRI or CT scan.

All these investigations are required to correctly identify the causes of disease, but also gonarthrosis differentiate from other diseases of the joints.

Methods of treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee

When diagnosing osteoarthritis knee treatment may include such methods:

  • therapy medicinal products;
  • massage and manual therapy;
  • surgery;
  • restorative therapy (physical therapy, physio treatments and other methods).

The goal of treatment of gonarthrosis:

  • eliminate the pain;
  • possible to rebuild cartilage and ligament apparatus;
  • to increase the range of motion in the joint.

Very important massage, therapeutic physical training and a proper balanced diet (diet). If access to a doctor too late or no method has not produced results, it may be an operation of the joint: surgery called the installation of the implant.


How to treat osteoarthritis of the knee

The main groups of medications used for the treatment of osteoarthritis include the following categories:

  1. NSAIDs – not steroid anti-inflammatory drugs group;
  2. Chondroprotectors;
  3. Medicated creams, ointments and grind;
  4. The means used for compresses.

When osteoarthritis is not a steroid, i.e. not hormonal, anti-inflammatory drugs are traditionally used to eliminate inflammation and pain, as severe pain is not possible to begin treatment. Only after the pain is eliminated anti-inflammatory drugs, you go to the massage, the complex of medical gymnastics, physical and therapeutic procedures.


In the case when NSAID treatment is not enough, and the disease continues to progress, your doctor may prescribe injections of hormonal drugs. They relate to means "heavy artillery" and help to quickly eliminate the pain, inflammation and swelling of the surrounding tissues.

Due to the large number of side effects of hormonal drugs are prescribed for a short period, only during the acute period of the disease, when the articular cavity is accumulated inflammatory fluid. The drug is injected into the joint space, not more often 1 time in 10 days.


Are the only medicines which directly affect the cause of the arthrosis of the joints. Especially in the early stages and particularly those that contain chondroitin and glucosamine sulfate.

The action of these drugs is based on restoring normal production of synovial fluid and damaged cartilage.

Folk remedies for the treatment of osteoarthritis

How to treat arthrosis of the knee at home? Drug therapy is able to complement some recipes of traditional medicine.

  1. Treatment with dandelion flowers. Every day to eat 5 dandelion flowers, rinsed with boiled water. You can do the infusion. For these purposes, to take 5 bottles with dark glass and half-fill with flowers, and the remaining space pour eau de Cologne. To insist in a dark place for 1 month and RUB before bedtime knees. Even for the treatment you need to dry the leaves, which are subsequently filled with boiling water. Every day 1 tbsp. of this mixture need to chew as much time as you need to commit 3 thousand steps. Such treatment folk remedies quite effectively.
  2. Burdock. According to the popular recipe should be 2-3 young burdock leaf and apply to the sore knee, shaking his bandage. To achieve the effect of the knee is to insulate a warm scarf and leave the compress on the night. Procedure is repeated every day throughout the week. This will remove the tumor and reduce pain. To enhance the effect, it is recommended to lubricate the knee oil sabelnik'. In this case, the mug must be attached to the back side of the knee, and over it to make a plastic bandage and a warming woolen scarf.
  3. For osteoarthritis effective the juice of celandine. They impregnated fabric superimposed on the patient's joint. After 50 minutes the vegetable oil lubricated joint. The duration of treatment is one week. Break – 10 days and repeat everything.
  4. Two tablespoons of dried root Harpagophytum need to fall asleep in a thermos, pour 1 liter of boiling water and infuse for at least 2 hours. In order to successfully treat arthritis, you need a day to drink 3-4 cups received the drug in the form of heat.

Many people with knee arthritis experience marked improvement in their condition and reduce the painful and discomfort after the application of traditional medicine, intended for external or outdoor use.

A positive result is not possible without a course of therapeutic exercises you can do at home. It strengthens muscles, improves blood circulation in the joint. To get the desired effect you need to forget about the intense stress of the joint.

You can lie on your back and lifting your foot, hold it in a straightening state. Or raise your legs alternately from the same supine position for 10 — 15 times.

The main rule in the treatment of exercise – slow and measured movement without any jerks.

Quam ut tracta osteoarthritis genu

Approximate diet

Proper nutrition is an important component of successful treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee joint.

Sample menu:

  1. Breakfast: oatmeal porridge on the water without butter and sugar, fruit juice, boiled egg.
  2. Second Breakfast: a glass of skim natural yoghurt.
  3. Lunch: meat or fish, steamed, steamed vegetables, tea without sugar.
  4. Afternoon snack: cottage cheese casserole with nuts, a glass of fruit juice.
  5. Dinner: vegetable salad, Apple, tea without sugar.
  6. Second supper: a glass of nonfat yogurt.

To eat more often, eating the small portions. This will speed up the metabolism, leading to weight loss. Between the main meals if you experience bouts of hunger are allowed snacks. They can be fruits, except grapes and bananas, whole-grain bread.