Treatment of injury of the joint

Injury to a joint often safe injury that unpleasant appearance of disease symptoms, rarely leads to dangerous consequences. But the probability of their occurrence should not be ruled out, therefore, when any painful symptoms in the joint you should go to the doctor.

Joint injury: what is it

Damage or injury that affects the soft tissue in the joint as a result of blow is the injury of the joint. Disorders of the skin takes place.

Injury is possible anywhere:

  • at home, at work, during recreation,
  • Catania on any vehicles, etc.

You can walk, stumble, fall and get bruised joint.

People with injury for some time may lose ability to work, less likely to get disability on a background of severe closed injury.
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Most often injuries occur in the knee joint, ray wrist and elbow. These joints are the most vulnerable and frequently injured by falls or from direct impact.

Injury of a joint can be distinguished from other pathologies the symptoms that will help you navigate and take action to remedy the problem.

Damage to the joints common symptoms and signs is the appearance:

  • swelling;
  • bruising;
  • piercing pain;
  • numbness in the site of injury.

Despite the appearance of edema, which is associated with the stretching of the capsule by the liquid and a pronounced pain, functionality of the joint is preserved (in contrast to fracture). For minor injuries the man rarely asks for help, preferring to be treated at home.

If there is severe pain symptom that is not typical pain relief, you need to contact the doctor who will help relieve the pain special drugs that keep the joint and deliver the victim to the hospital.
How to carry out first aid for bruises joint

If damage to the joint in the knee or ankle, you need an affected person to put on a flat surface and put it under the leg roller.

Injuries of the joints of the fingers accompanied by intense pain, so this part of the body first need to fix with the help of scarves.

Then the damaged area is fixed with a gauze or elastic bandage that will help to eliminate the strong swelling and reduce pain.
  • When damage occurs to the ankle joint bandage is imposed tight enough, because this part of the body there are serious vessels that can pinch.
  • Trauma other joints force imposed bandage should be regulated, especially with the appearance of severe swelling.

Further injury to the joint is necessary to protect them from bleeding and hematomas, for this it is necessary to attach a cold compress.

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  • As the cold can use all kinds of tools products from the freezer, ice, a bottle of cold water.
  • Keep the chill in the damaged area, you need no more than 40 minutes.

To stop the resulting pain can any painkiller, which takes people (or you can consult a specialist by calling an ambulance or in the hospital).

Features of injuries of the joints of fingers

Joint injuries of the fingers are the most common injuries because most often falling or hitting, the man instinctively puts his hands forward.

The joints on the arms not protected by soft tissues, resulting in the consequence of injuries is hemorrhage in the joint capsule and restriction of mobility fingers that injury.

There are situations when an injury to the joint on the hands requires immediate treatment to the doctor.
  • This should be done when the curvature of the damaged finger, the occurrence of severe pain that does not go away after a while, the finger movement is accompanied by the appearance of crunch.
  • Such symptoms may not point to injury and dislocation or fracture.
If, after damage to the joint on the hand of a mighty painful symptoms will be absent, but the functionality of the finger is broken (it is impossible to bend and straighten), then you need to wait a bit for a while.

Perhaps the limitation – the phenomenon is transient and will soon pass. If after a while the situation will not change, you need to go to the hospital and to educate injury place using x-rays.

If the injured finger, which is put on a decoration, then it is necessary to take it off.

  • Later, the finger necessarily swelling and release it after the ring will be impossible.
  • If you do not, the decoration on the swollen finger, the pen pressure vessels and then need urgent medical help.
Damage to ray-carpal, elbow and knee joints

To injure ray wrist joint is possible during the fall, which is accompanied by placing your palms facing forward.

Using ray wrist joint are nerve roots, so the affected person will feel severe pain syndrome – acute, radiating to her fingertips.
  • If there is a bruise of the beam-carpal joint, the treatment is carried out in the hospital, where the first produces the opening of the canal which contains the nerve to reduce the pressure of the tissues, which are highly swollen.
  • This will allow in the future to avoid breaking the functionality of the wrist.

In the elbow there are a number of nerve fibers, one of which is when injury is clamped between the joints. This is accompanied by numbness, severe lumbago pain, which can last quite a long time.

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As the effects of injury in the future, may form bone spurs, damaged cartilage, the appearance of scars.

The knee joint is damaged no less than the ulnar.

  • This large and complex structure of the joint after injury can be so hurt, swelling that people for a long time lose the ability to make basic movements of the leg.
  • When injuries to other joints (hip, shoulder) pain and unpleasant consequences are much rarer because they are protected by soft tissues.
Treatment of injuries of the joints at home

Treatment of injury of the joint is often done at home. If the injury is not strong, he can pass on their own after a few days.

In the further treatment of the injury of the joint is carried out using:

  • Dry heat – electric heating pad, heated salt, bran.
  • Warm baths. In a bowl of warm water need to add salt in the proportion of 200 g per 7 l and to put there the injured limb. This method is not only therapeutic but also diagnostic. If a person is not injury, fracture, keeping the limb in the water will be unbearably painful.
  • Floor alcohol compresses. In strong vodka or diluted alcohol to moisten a gauze piece and apply to the injury site, fixing bandage. To replace, the creators of eau de Cologne.
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. These drugs help to relieve inflammation and swelling, reduce pain. The NSAIDs should be combined with drugs that protect the intestinal mucosa.
  • Gels, creams or ointments, which are based on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

If there is an injury of the hip joint, the treatment can be carried out in salt baths, compresses decoction on the basis of the leaves of the currant, honey, alcohol compresses, or use of NSAIDs.

Necessarily in the first days of therapy need to adhere to a sparing mode, not to lift heavy weights and do not load the injured area.

Then you can at home to massage and exercise that help the joint to recover.