Between the ribs chondrosis

Between the ribs low back pain is manifested by pain syndrome. The pain occurs during night sleep and after intense physical exercise, concentrated in the thoracic spine, mainly between the shoulder blades. The radiation of pain in type spine disorders manifested as inter-rib neuralgia.

Due to prolonged spasm of blood vessels on the background of pain arise the vasomotor symptoms of freezing of the distal lower and upper extremities, brittle nails, peeling skin.

Visceral symptoms: Osteochondrosis frequens est causa costarum neuralgia, quae mimics cor morbo
  • heart pain, tight chest (cordis syndrome);
  • pain in epigastric dolor (gastrolychnis syndrome);
  • pain in the right hypochondrium.

In these cases, conduct a differential diagnosis with myocardial infarction, gastritis, hepatitis.


The clinical picture combined with characteristic radiographic changes.


Distinguish treatment in the period of exacerbation and treatment without exacerbation.

In the period of exacerbation the patient should lie on a flat hard Board with a small pillow under your head. The hospital carried out the exhaust with the use of the goods.

For removal of pains spend novocaine blockade of nerve plexus, administered analgesics .

To correct neurological disorders prescribe b-complex vitamins (vitamins B1, B6, B12 ).

Decongestant means reduced compression of the nerve roots.

Physiotherapy treatment includes magneto therapy, electrophoresis with novocaine, ultrasound with hydrocortisone. Successfully used girudo justo (leeches).

Apply manual therapy and kineso justo (treatment movements).

During exercise it is recommended to use special bandages and corsets.

Obesity should follow a diet to reduce body weight, since excess weight increases the load on the spine.

Outside of an exacerbation, these treatments adding physiotherapy, massage and medication for the regeneration of cartilage .

Iusto medicinales exercitium non solum dolorem, verum etiam emendare mood

Well in osteochondrosis helps swimming. It helps to strengthen back muscles, chest.

Have a beneficial effect radon, hydrogen sulphide, coniferous baths.

For the prevention of exacerbations in remission it is recommended to perform a set of activities:

  • to sleep on a hard bed with a Board;
  • to do gymnastics, swimming;
  • to maintain body weight at an optimal level;
  • during strenuous physical activity to use the corset;
  • treatment of comorbidity exacerbates the disease (diabetes, gout);
  • to properly equip the workplace.

At the correct equipment of the workplace means this organization when everything you need is at hand, there is no need to commit excessive movements. This should be the optimal height of Desk and chair (taking into account growth).

When performing work in a sitting position the back should be kept straight, not to hunch. You should avoid bending the back (when washing the floor, better use a MOP, weeding herbs to perform better with a hoe). You should avoid heavy lifting, excessive physical exertion. It is necessary to do breaks in work. There is a concept of industrial gymnastics, when in between work performed physical exercise.

The ineffectiveness of complex conservative methods of therapy used surgical treatment.