Osteochondrosis of the sacral — symptoms, treatment

The disease is often caused due to heredity, if someone with relatives suffering with sciatica might, sacral, low back pain will have you.

Often sacral osteochondrosis develops due to physical exertion. When a man long time to carry something heavy all this has a negative effect on spinal muscles, ligaments affected after spinal unit, that develops sacral osteochondrosis.

Symptoms of sacral osteochondrosis

Disturb the unpleasant sensation of pain in the sacrum, lower back, sciatic nerve, lower limb cold, then decreases over time in their sensitivity. Due to degenerative disc disease in the sacrum division occurs lumbago pain, first in the thigh region, then gives a foot.

Often can pains in back of legs, they are localized in the heels, the feet. Can numbness. Due to the fact that the tibia is broken the vascular exchange, they are constantly cold, chilly appears in the feet, lower leg.

Osteocondrosis La parte sacra

When the patient affected the sacrum, may occur paralysis of some muscles of the lower leg. Also often may experience these symptoms:

  1. After the person lies back and lifts his feet up, the pain increases, give in the buttocks, lower back, hips and thighs.
  2. With a sharp tilt of the head, the pain increases in the legs, lower back.
  3. When a person prone position, sits down, the leg can bend reflex.
  4. Pain in the lumbar region exacerbated when the person sneezes, coughs.

With radiography, MRI can accurately identify the diagnosis was degenerative disc disease of the lumbosacral spine.

Methods of treatment of degenerative disc disease of the lumbosacral spine

The disease is treated with conservative and surgical method. The conservative method of treatment using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs – Diclofenac, can use pills, ointments or injections.

If the pain in osteochondrosis of the sacrum Department is very strong, use a special blockade, which you can use to get rid of pain.

Therapy in osteochondrosis should be comprehensive, often optional use of therapeutic exercise, massage, manual therapy, physiotherapy.

In cases if the degenerative disc disease of the lumbosacral sciatica is complicated by ischaemia, hernia in the inter-vertebrae disk.

Prevention of osteoarthritis in the sacrum division

Constantly need to monitor your spine. You must perform a special complex of exercises for strengthening the spine. Positive effect on the condition of the spine bar so you can relax it.

It is important to sleep in the correct position. Best pose on the back, make sure that it was not different curves, the bumps, the spine may be deformed.

El objetivo del tratamiento de la osteocondrosis Sacro en el departamento de

Nutrition should be balanced, it should be more dairy products, legumes, seafood, helps to improve metabolic processes. The spine must rest is also recommended during operation to straighten up, stretch.

The goal of treatment of osteoarthritis in the sacrum division

  1. To reduce the pain.
  2. To release tension, strengthen the muscle system in the lumbar region, pelvis, legs.
  3. To improve blood circulation, normalize metabolism.
  4. To stop the inflammatory process in the sacrum.
  5. To restore feeling in the loins-sacrum Department.
  6. To restore functionality of organs of the pelvis.

Medical treatment of degenerative disc disease of the lumbosacral

In some situations, use of steroid hormones, and also anti-inflammatory drugs. Can prescribe ointments, injections, helps to reduce swelling. To get rid of pain by using modern procedures – paravertebral block, when in the sacral region injected the novocaine.

Prescribed analgesics, drugs, which can strengthen the immune system .

Physiotherapy and massage for treatment of degenerative disc disease

Use laser, phonophoresis, magnetic resonance therapy, amplipuls. Get rid of the symptoms of osteochondrosis of lumbosacral, helps massage, acupuncture, a special set of gymnastics.

Acupuncture applied to the ear, lower back, with the help of these points can affect the entire body. Equally important is the acupuncture.

The best treatment is massage, it is carried out in the supine position. With it, you can align the spinal column. The therapist uses the technique of kneading, stroking. It is important to comprehensively perform massage. Carefully RUB the collar area, lower extremities, pelvic region, so it is possible to improve blood circulation.

To restore the vertebrae, the discs, which are offset by using manual therapy, a hands affect the spine.

Reducir el dolor

Medical gymnastics in osteochondrosis of the sacrum Department

With the help of special complex of exercises to relieve pain, to relax tension on the back muscles. Gymnastics is permitted to execute when the condition escalates, only in the supine position. Under this head it is necessary to enclose the roller, bend your knees and pull the body on a hard and level surface. If the pain becomes unbearable, you need to stay in bed.

Thus, the degenerative disc disease of the lumbosacral is a serious disease that is easier to prevent than to treat.