The treatment of cervical chondrosis at home: massage and folk remedies

Treatment administered to clients individually after the procedure of the survey. You will need not only analyses, but also radiographs, which a doctor can easily detect the presence of the disease and its stage.

Degenerative changes in vertebral discs can be different, so before you self-medicate at home, you should always consult with a physician to avoid complications.

The treatment of cervical chondrosis at home

At home, I use self-massage and performing physical therapy exercises that you can do at any convenient time for you.

And also consider the possibility of using vibro massagers. Next, for details.


This procedure allows not only to reduce muscle tone and normalize blood circulation, but also reduces pain, which do not give the opportunity to enjoy every day and events.

Massage at home requires from you to have even elementary knowledge about how it runs, not to cause harm to the body.

Use for warm up only the fingers as the pressure of the fists can cause even greater pain.

Vibro massagers

Also actively used by special vibro massagers that can be purchased at almost any store.

With such devices the massage process becomes much easier, however, for their use, it is recommended to purchase more of the cream, so as not to damage the skin cervical.

Physiotherapy at home

People with cervical chondrosis good physical therapy will help. All exercises are selected based on the form of the disease, eliminating the negative impact on the rest of the body.

All exercise must start with a good warm-up.

Here are some examples of exercises that will allow you a fresh feel:

  1. Need to relax while sitting on a chair with straight back. Do slowly turns his head from side to side until, until you feel tension in the muscles. The exercise follows within 3-4 minutes.
  2. Sitting on a chair, do nod your head forward and laid-back. Do not allow the occurrence of pain.
  3. It would seem, but the execution of even such simple exercises allows a person to get rid of pain in the cervical spine and prevent further progression of the disease.

    Procedures must be regular and thorough, as any deviation from the schedule is a huge step back to constant pain, dizziness and even loss of consciousness observed in people with cervical chondrosis.

    The treatment of cervical chondrosis folk remedies

    How to cure cervical chondrosis? Folk remedy chondrosis neck include the huge list of additives and elements which form the unique ointment and cream. Let's look at the basic recipes for making ointments.

    1. Crushed acacia. Take three tablespoons of acacia branches that are rubbing in the powder with improvised means. They are placed in a container and pour vodka for a week. Thereafter, the resulting liquid can be used in order to remove the pain syndrome in cervical chondrosis.
    2. Chilli peppers. Red pepper is used as the basis for tinctures and ointments for the treatment of many diseases. It is ground into small pieces, add honey, aloe juice and vodka, and then insist for several days. Thereafter, the liquid may also be applied on the painful areas of the cervical.
    3. Fleece. Long been known that the belt of wool, which turns into cervical, has a positive effect after a few days. Professionals do know this phenomenon, however, is still properties of wool has not been fully studied.
    4. Potatoes with honey. If you want to quickly get rid of the disease, it will help the mashed potatoes with honey. Their composition should be by volume 1:1, and they should be applied in a compress for 10-15 minutes.
    Massaged basi Et calvariam

    It is known that some variants of preparation of infusions can be supplemented by the addition of mustard or aloe juice.

    They have a warming effect on problem neck area, so many patients say that these packs very quickly return them to normal life.

    Massage as a method of treatment of cervical chondrosis

    The right massage for the cervical chondrosis helps to normalize the blood flow, and decreases muscle tone and tension to the spinal column.

    First, pay attention to what the symptoms of cervical chondrosis you have. This will help you to better understand in what place we are in and how to move toward recovery.

    Massage for patients with this disease is just lying, because in this position it is possible to have an effective impact on all problem areas.

    Muscles during the massage needs to be "warmed up", so to conduct the preliminary stroking and rubbing.

    Manual therapy must address the 7 vertebra and the area that is located above it, since this area becomes problematic for most people.

    All actions must be clear and strong, but at the same time, be careful to prevent the occurrence of pain.

    The collar area needs to be processed within 5-8 minutes, allowing the person to fully relax. Necessarily engages the edges of the brushes, since it is so the therapist can have an effective impact.

    And massaged the base of the skull, because there also are a large number of nerve endings and blood vessels.

    Yourself to massage the neck and collar zone is not always convenient, so it is recommended for such purposes to use the special devices we talked about above.


    As a preventive measure experts suggest patients to use whole complexes of physical exercises to warm up, which can not only reduce the expression of the cervical chondrosis, but also to prevent it from occurring in the future.

    The maximum effectiveness of such exercises have on people with an initial form of the cervical chondrosis, as well as with the initial form chondrosis of the thoracic, because the treatment of neglected (chronic) forms already require serious until surgery.

    Exercises and rules for their implementation

    Let's look at a basic set of exercises that are used to treat chondrosis of the cervical spine in the initial stage:

    1. Sitting on a chair with straight back, turn your head from side to side, and also make a nod forward and tilting back. Ensure that the movements were not sharp.
    2. Sitting on a chair, try to lower your head forward so that pulling the chin that you can feel the tension in the muscles.
    3. Put your left hand on the temple area of the head and try to do the head tilt to the left, holding her hand. This allows you to develop the side muscles of the neck, which also are subject to negative impact due to developing the disease.
    4. Sitting on a chair, try as high as possible and smoothly raise the shoulders upward, holding them in this position for about 20 seconds.
    At the end of the described exercise is not superfluous kneading the temples the palms of your hands for 15-20 seconds to normalize the circulation of the brain.
    Frequens exercitium

    If during procedures appeared dizziness, it is necessary for some time to discontinue exercise until these symptoms are gone.

    The frequency of exercise

    All exercises are performed easily and quickly, but should follow a clear timetable to the treatment of the disease proceeded without further complications or pain.

    For example, many patients perform these exercises several times a day for 10-15 minutes, which is enough for a few months you could feel healthy.

    Individually doctor may prescribe a special regime of exercises, which you must necessarily adhere to.


    Folk remedies for the treatment, massages are an effective means to combat cervical chondrosis. Their proper use and implementation can obtain cheerfulness, and also to get rid of the pain suffered by many people.