• What is cervical osteochondrosis? The first signs and main symptoms. Stages of cervical osteochondrosis. Diagnosis and treatment of the disease.
  • Causes of back pain in the lumbar region, associated pathologies and symptoms. Pain syndrome above and below the lumbar region, methods of treatment with medicines and folk remedies, physiotherapy and exercises.
  • What is osteochondrosis? Will the treatment at home be effective or do you still need to see a specialist?
  • Arthrosis of the hip joint is a process of destruction of articular cartilage. The cause of the development of arthrosis is the destruction of the cartilage tissue of the joint. Symptoms of the disease vary at different stages of the development of the disease. Treatment of pathology is carried out by conservative and surgical methods.
  • The reasons why the back hurts, comorbidities and characteristic symptoms. First aid, diagnosis and treatment, preventive measures.
  • Cervical osteochondrosis - treatment at home quickly and effectively, based on the use of progressive techniques. Treatment of cervical osteochondrosis with available means.
  • The reasons for the development and symptoms of osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine. How the disease is diagnosed, effective methods of treatment: drugs for external and internal use, gymnastics, folk remedies, physiotherapy.
  • Osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine is exacerbated when it is impossible to perform the usual movements or perform the usual exercises. With hypothermia, symptoms such as lumbago appear, that is, a sharp pain in the lumbar region.
  • Arthritis and arthrosis: causes and distinctive features, 5 main symptoms, risk zone, diagnosis, therapeutic measures, disease prevention.
  • What is cervical osteochondrosis? Causes and types of the disease, as well as methods of treatment and prevention of the disease.
  • What is osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, which specialist to contact, how to determine and how to treat it. Dizziness, nausea, phytopsy in the eyes
  • Osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine, symptoms and treatment. Signs of osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine and the main complications.
  • What is cervical osteochondrosis? What symptoms accompany the disease and how to treat it - read the article.
  • The causes of arthrosis of the knee joint. How does the disease manifest itself? Diagnosis and treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint.
  • Cervical osteochondrosis - symptoms and treatment. The causes of osteochondrosis and the stage of the disease. Medical therapy, surgery and orthopedic treatments. Massage and manual therapy. Acupuncture and folk remedies.
  • The causes and features of the development of arthrosis of the knee joint. General signs and characteristic symptoms, diagnostic methods. Conservative and surgical methods of treatment. Disease prevention.
  • Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine in adults, its types, features of the course and causes, the most effective methods of treating this type of osteochondrosis, possible complications and prevention, are described in the article.
  • Information about what is arthrosis. Its types, symptoms, causes and treatment methods. What drugs to use and which doctor is treating.
  • Causes and predisposing factors for the development of osteochondrosis. The main signs and symptoms of the disease, directions of therapy.
  • Shoulder joint arthrosis is treated in traditional and folk remedies. Traditional include medications, surgery and other treatments.
  • What are the causes of osteoarthritis of the knee? How to treat the disease? Consider in this article.
  • Simple and effective exercises for osteoarthritis of the knee: from a standing position, back and away from the Dr. Evdokimenko. Important rules contraindications for classes.
  • Treatment of osteoarthritis of 1 degree of the knee joint occurs most favorably and painless thanks to the mild form of the disease. Prescribe NSAIDs to relieve inflammation.
  • The symptoms of osteoarthritis of the hip joint 2 degrees. Treatment without surgery, medicines and folk remedies. Physical therapy, exercises and diet.
  • When not treated, diseases such as arthritis and arthrosis bring a lot of suffering. Professionals who are involved in the treatment of arthritis, will help in solving the problem.
  • Characteristics of the disease osteoarthritis of the knee 2nd degree: causes of development, symptoms, effective treatments. Distinctive features of the disease.
  • Degenerative processes in osteoarthritis of the fingers result in the loss of motor abilities of the hands. Timely treatment will stop the process of disease.
  • Arthritis differs from osteoarthritis. Diagnosis of diseases, traditional and folk methods of treatment, symptoms.
  • The arthrosis – degeneration of joint tissues, which develops as a result of increased stress, trauma or wear and tear of the joints. Treatment the pain and strain is to use medications.
  • Deforming arthrosis of the knee joint in medicine is also known as gonarthrosis, this disease is degenerative disease
  • Osteoarthritis of the foot: symptoms and treatment. Signs of arthrosis of the joints of the foot and how dangerous it is.
  • Effective treatment of arthrosis modern methods: methods without drugs, medicines, folk remedies types of surgery.
  • Ankle osteoarthritis can occur at any age. It is important to know the causes in order to fight the disease.
  • Deforming arthrosis frustrating and dangerous condition that needs timely treatment.
  • Shoulder joint arthrosis is a disease caused by degenerative changes of the cartilage and adjacent bone tissue.
  • Ankle osteoarthritis – a chronic disease of degenerative type.
  • Osteoarthritis of the hip joint causes a lot of inconveniences to its owner.
  • Osteoarthritis is the name for chronic disease of the joints that occurs as a consequence of degenerative and destructive process inflammatory.
  • Osteoarthritis – a disease in which due to various reasons starts the process of destruction of joint tissues.
  • Osteoarthritis of the knee (gonarthrosis) is a complex disease of degenerative nature that affects bone and cartilage Department of the knee.
  • If you have periodically felt aching pain in the thigh, consult a doctor.
  • The difference between arthritis and arthrosis seen already in the name of the disease.
  • Knee osteoarthritis - a disease that destroys the structural elements of the anatomy of the lower limb.
  • joint Disease where cartilage is destroyed layer is called osteoarthritis. Unfortunately, covering the inner surface of the joint cartilage, eventually aging. Dangerous arthritis for humans and what are the risks?

  • Knee osteoarthritis is the leader in frequency of occurrence in the group of diseases arthritis injuries of joints. On the severity of the disease is in second place after the hip.
  • Treatment of injury of the joint can be at home, but first you will need to consult a specialist for diagnosis. For this there are many ways and methods both folk and traditional medicine.
  • Osteochondrosis is called a complex of disorders degeneration of character, which occur in articular cartilage. This disease can develop in any joint. However, most often it strikes precisely the discs (inter-vertebral).
  • Osteochondrosis – a disease of the spine, which is degeneration of the transformation of the intervertebral disc with subsequent involvement of the adjacent vertebral bodies, pathological changes in the inter-vertebral joints and ligaments.
  • Chondrosis – degenerative changes in the cartilage of the intervertebral discs, which lead to their gradual destruction. In fact, chondrosis is a precursor of osteoarthritis. Begin to develop the disease may even at a young age.
  • According to statistics, osteochondrosis of spine are increasingly diagnosed in people of working age and in adolescents. The main reason for this is the absence of a consistent, desired spinal column mobility in everyday life, the choice of harmful products
  • One of the most common ailments is a disease such as gonarthrosis. It is characterized by painful symptoms. In addition, the doctors noted that when adhered to a special diet for osteoarthritis of the knee, recovery is several times faster.
  • Very rarely develops sacral osteochondrosis, most often the disease affects the lower back. The disease occurs due to a sedentary lifestyle, when a person for a long time on the computer, all of this is reflected to bend the back muscles.
  • The treatment of cervical chondrosis can be carried out at home using various ointments and creams. Massage gets rid of pain and stop cartilage destructive processes in the spine.
  • What is chondrosis of the lumbar spine? Symptoms, treatment, the symptoms will be discussed below. You will also learn about how is diagnosed with this disease, why it develops at all.
  • Knee injury is perhaps one of the most common troubles faced by people. Because the knee joint bears a greater load and is responsible not only for walking, running and jumping, but also for many other movements.
  • The most common disease is considered a cervical chondrosis, which can occur at any age and causes many complications.
  • This common disease affects the vertebral ligament apparatus. There are various reasons for the development of pathology, however, they all ultimately involve a violation of the metabolic processes that take place in the intervertebral discs.
  • Osteoarthritis is an incurable degenerative-dystrophy a disease that affects small and large joints of the human body. Suffering from this disease more than thirteen percent of the population of the planet.
  • Osteochondrosis – a disease of the spine that causes severe pain syndrome, changes in posture, many vegetative symptoms.
  • To avoid osteochondrosis is almost impossible, but to delay the timing of its appearance and slow down the development of pathological changes in the intervertebral joints and discs anyone.
  • Cervical degenerative disc disease (SCHOCH) is the pathological changes in the vertebrae that lead to ossification of the soft parts.